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Hello and welcome to My Jewelry Guys, great jewelry at a better price. My name is Larry Levinson, owner, and founder of My Jewelry Guys. I retired from the restaurant industry 20 plus years ago after giving it all I had, and I met some amazing people along the way. Recently, I met a man named Alexander, a future doctor – and a great one at that, I am sure – he was curious as to why I wanted to start selling jewelry and why so cheap? So, here it is…

I have always loved wearing jewelry since I was very little, as well as selling stuff at my grandma’s house from a little jewelry box that I called a “cash register”

As my family, cousins, sister, and brother would fill the house, they knew they had to bring cash in order to receive great bargains from “Larry’s Store” at grandma’s house. I even had a passion for making homemade candles and anything I could gather from my neighbors and friends.

This passion began at the young age of seven and I always looked forward to having things to sell in my store at my nana’s house during holiday dinners. Nothing in my store was more than 25 cents and even though I only walked away with a few dollars, I was extremely proud. This passion carried into my teenage years where I began selling candy, lemonade and more – all purchased wholesale. Those were amazing and fun years.

What I remember the most from these memories was that everyone liked a bargain, and I didn’t need to make that much money in order to be so happy.

When I left the restaurant business, I knew I had to find something to do with myself because I was going stir crazy with all of this time on my hands. I found incredible import and export suppliers who sold the same goods to Macy’s and Kohl’s Act. I began buying some jewelry items, first for myself, and then for others. After realizing my purchasing was getting out of hand, I started selling my collection on eBay Buy, selling 60 items in my first month. I then set up a booth at a local flea market, where I sold at an outside booth. With these profits, I purchased more until my house began filling up with jewelry.

I hope you all enjoy it like we enjoyed putting this all together for you. Our emails are down below, and we are always open to suggestions.

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My Jewelry Guys is the perfect place to shop for affordable, beautiful jewelry. We offer jewelry collections for people of all ages – perfect for gifts or to simply enjoy for yourself. 


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